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Best Selling Author of Romantic Sagas based in Wales and Liverpool


Guarded Passions: Released July 2014Guarded Passions

1943. Wartime England. Married to a Guardsman at the age of eighteen, Helen Woodley believed her future was assured - only to be widowed before she was forty. And now Helen is faced with an unwelcome sense of déjà vu - her eighteen year old daughter has fallen for a soldier. Can Helen prevent history from repeating itself?

Amazon Link: Guarded Passions: a Family Saga from World War Two



Love or Duty: Released January 2014Love or Duty

Liverpool, 1924. Racing to meet her fiancé in her father's new-fangled motor car, Penny Forshaw knocks over a little girl and - much to her fiancé's disapproval - feels it her duty to take in six-year-old Kelly while she recovers. But little did Penny anticipate the challenges and responsibilities of looking after a child from the slums, and Kelly's miserable, poverty-stricken existence opens Penny's eyes to a world she never knew existed.

Her relationship with her fiancé Arnold under strain, Penny's decision to take in young Kelly will change her life in ways she could never have expected. She wanted to give Kelly a better chance in life - but it may be Kelly who changes Penny's life for the better.

Amazon Link: Love or Duty - A Saga Set in 1920s Liverpool

Welcome to my Site!

I was born in Cardiff, but grew up in Dorset. When I left School I went back to Cardiff and worked as a clerk in the City Hall until I married and moved to Wallasey.Rosie with Whispers of Love

Ten years and three children later we moved from Merseyside to Buckinghamshire where we have lived ever since. Our children have all made their homes in the area and I now have six grandchildren and four great grandchildren

I started writing in the 1950's and as a freelance wrote for the Liverpool Echo and many national magazines on fashion, homemaking and health topics as Marion Harris

Throughout the 1960's I ran my own agency –Regional Feature Service - supplying articles on a wide variety of topics to provincial newspapers.

During the 70's I was Editorial Controller for a non-fiction publisher.

I joined the RNA in the 1970's and had fiction published by Hale, Sphere and Magna as well as non-fiction by various publishers.

Since 2000 I have written 24 sagas published by Heinemann/Arrow as Rosie Harris.

The backgrounds of these books alternate between Cardiff and Merseyside and span the period 1900-1930 and deal with the exceptionally difficult circumstances many of the women of that era had to face.

I hope you enjoy reading my sagas as much as I enjoy writing them and agree that they pay tribute to the fighting spirit of the courageous women of those days.

Rosie Harris Rosie Harris


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