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Best Selling Author of Romantic Sagas based in Wales and Liverpool


Moving On: Released January 2015Moving On

Liverpool, 1973. Reluctantly, widow Jenny Langton decides to downsize, swapping the spacious family home she shared with her late husband for a one-bedroomed retirement flat at Merseyside Mansions. It’s difficult enough attempting to start anew at her age, but the antics of her wayward granddaughter Karen, and her disastrous choice of men, threaten to drive Jenny to distraction. Finally conceding that Karen must make her own mistakes in life, Jenny determines to move on and no longer interfere. Just as she’s settling into Merseyside Mansions and making new friends, Karen’s reappearance threatens to de-rail Jenny’s carefully-constructed new life and cause problems with her fellow residents. Her relationship with her granddaughter tested to the limit, Jenny must decide whether she should allow family loyalty to stand in the way of her future happiness – particularly now she’s about to embark on a late-flowering love affair …

Available from Amazon: Moving on: A Family Saga Set in 1970's Liverpool

The Mixture As Before: Released July 2015The Mixture as Before

Newly widowed after a forty-year marriage, Margaret Wright's decision to make a fresh start by redecorating her home has unexpected consequences when talented interior designer Jason Parker enters her life. But if Margaret rushes headlong into a new relationship, is she in danger of making the same mistakes all over again?

Available from Amazon: The Mixture as Before: A Contemporary Family Saga

Welcome to my Site!

I was born in Cardiff, but grew up in Dorset. When I left School I went back to Cardiff and worked as a clerk in the City Hall until I married and moved to Wallasey.Rosie with Whispers of Love

Ten years and three children later we moved from Merseyside to Buckinghamshire where we have lived ever since. Our children have all made their homes in the area and I now have six grandchildren and four great grandchildren

I started writing in the 1950's and as a freelance wrote for the Liverpool Echo and many national magazines on fashion, homemaking and health topics as Marion Harris

Throughout the 1960's I ran my own agency –Regional Feature Service - supplying articles on a wide variety of topics to provincial newspapers.

During the 70's I was Editorial Controller for a non-fiction publisher.

I joined the RNA in the 1970's and had fiction published by Hale, Sphere and Magna as well as non-fiction by various publishers.

Since 2000 I have written 24 sagas published by Heinemann/Arrow as Rosie Harris.

The backgrounds of these books alternate between Cardiff and Merseyside and span the period 1900-1930 and deal with the exceptionally difficult circumstances many of the women of that era had to face.

I hope you enjoy reading my sagas as much as I enjoy writing them and agree that they pay tribute to the fighting spirit of the courageous women of those days.

Rosie Harris Rosie Harris


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